• A Reset for Your Financial Reality 3418

    $28.00 USD
    We will be clearing some of the deeper factors that affect our financial well being. We will clear deep subconscious distortions that interrupt money flow and Upgrade our financial habits.
  • Money Series 1 : Break Down Your Unhealthy Money Programming 22912

    $28.00 USD
    This session will deconstruct some of your unconscious negative beliefs about having wealth and your self-destructive Money beliefs.
  • Money Series 2 : Value Yourself : Awaken to Your True Value 31412

    $28.00 USD
    This session will upgrade your self assessment and lock in your newly enhanced self valuation schemata for a new foundation from which you make all of your financial decisions.
  • Money Series 3 : Activate & Monetize the Business / Career of your Dreams 32812

    $28.00 USD
    This session initiates healing processes to activate the career of our dreams, open healthy money perception, bring forward our gifts.
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