• Issue 12: Work

    $3.99 USD
    The one about pro wrestling.
  • Issue 11: Baseball 2

    $3.99 USD
    Baseball scouts as confidence men, Rickey Henderson's lessons in public speaking, watching every second of MLB played on June 18, what it feels like to fall for the hidden ball trick, and more.
  • Issue 10: The Music Issue

    $3.99 USD
    Devotional cumbias about Maradona, protest songs about FIFA, why and how NFL fight songs are terrible, what Ennio Morricone and New Order have in common, and the novelty recordings of a Yinzer bard.
  • Issue 9: Losing

    $3.99 USD
    This one is about losing, which encompasses parents, memories, the Sacramento Kings, gross sad couches, Carlos Zambrano as a mirror to the self, and visits from the Devil.
  • Issue 8: The Books Issue

    $3.99 USD
    North Dallas Forty, doomed love, hockey, Harry Crews, The Pogues, Maurice Clarett, Matt Bush, John Updike, obscure gems of sports philosophy, bike lit, and the soccer novels of David Peace.
  • Issue 7: Play

    $3.99 USD
    This one is about video games and what we do with them, and what they do to us.
  • Issue 6: Econo

    $3.99 USD
    Short, fast, loud poems, memoirs, histories, fantasies, fictions, non-fictions, prayers, confessions roughly related to sports.
  • Issue 5: Talking, Sports

    $3.99 USD
    The interview issue, featuring Nate Silver, John Starks, Ned Braden, Bill Lee, and the creators of Fire Joe Morgan.
  • Issue 4: Being There

    $3.99 USD
    Rodeo, curling, Reggie Bush, minor-league hockey, a scoreboard shaped like a guitar, the Metrodome deflating, and more.
  • Issue 3: The Same Old Game

    $3.99 USD
    The (first) one about baseball. Avant-garde plays about Corey Kluber, the Eighth Wonder of the World, and more.
  • Issue 2: Get Buckets

    $3.99 USD
    Luol Deng, Working Man; Bynum and Want; Roth on the Nets; the Celtics as Blue Note Records.
  • Issue 1: Protoplanetary Disk

    $3.99 USD
    The first one. Cruyff in Mexico, Pete Kozma fiction, Doc Halladay in Winter, the secret history of World War II hoops in Wyoming.
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