• Thong Flex

    $37.99 USD
    It's finally time for me to flex in something much, much... much smaller. Sit back and enjoy the view as I show off every muscle group my brand new, extremely small, thong.
  • 5 Minute Flex

    $14.99 USD
    Tight budget, or maybe you don't last long enough to enjoy my 10 minute videos? Enjoy this 5 minute show in one of my new pairs of hot white briefs.
  • Dominating Flex

    $29.99 USD
    Love being dominated? This is the video for you! It's time to sit back and watch as I flex my massive muscles and treat you to a true show of pure arrogance.
  • Oiled up in White

    $34.99 USD
    You guys asked for it and you all know how much I love to deliver. It's time to watch me get oiled up in one of my brand new pairs of white undies... so tight they leave nothing to the imagination.
  • Chest and Arms Flex

    $27.99 USD
    You guys keep asking for me to focus on my arms and chest more and I've done it! Check out this 10 minute video where I show off every detail of by arms, then moving onto my chest and a bit lower...
  • White Briefs Flex

    $34.99 USD
    I've got myself another new pair of underwear guys. This time it's a hot pair of tight white briefs that help me show off every detail of my muscles.
  • Blue Briefs Flex

    $34.99 USD
    I finally got myself a pair of briefs and wow are they tight! Watch me as I flex in the tightest pair of undies you've ever seen.
  • Pump Briefs Flex

    $34.99 USD
    My favorite new brand of underwear, and the most comfortable briefs I've ever worn. Watch as I flex in the smallest undies you've ever seen me wear.
  • Gym Flexing

    $29.99 USD
    It's finally time to see me show off in the gym. I found a time when it was nice and quiet and stripped off... showing you every details of my shredded physique.
  • Outdoor Flex

    $27.99 USD
    Finally I decided to get outside and flex in public... check out my rock hard muscles as I show off in the summer sun.
  • Flexing in White Calvins

    $24.99 USD
    I always love buying new undies and when this white pair of Calvins arrived I couldn't help but show off in them.
  • Stripping and Flexing in Grey

    $24.99 USD
    Watch me flex in my newest pair of grey trunks.
  • Oiled-up Flex

    $34.99 USD
    Finally it's time for me to oil my muscles and flex them. This time you can see each and every bit of detail... from my rock solid pecs to my ripped abs.
  • Abs Workout

    $24.99 USD
    I have perfect abs, but the only way to keep them like that is through working out. Now you can learn my secret... watch me workout my abs at home, and try to follow along.
  • Apple Crush + Flex

    $27.99 USD
    There's no better way to show my strength than to crush an apple. You'll get to see me in just my tight blue undies crush an apple in front of your weak self.
  • Bulging Flex

    $27.99 USD
    I love bulging out of my undies and this video is no exception. This time you'll get to see me in a hot pair of red and white trunks, as I try to contain my manhood while flexing.
  • Posing in Green

    $27.99 USD
    Time to flex again, but this time in a pair of green trunks. Watch me show you every part of my chiseled body, displaying every muscle group in clear sight.
  • Home Workout and Flex

    $34.99 USD
    I came home from the gym after a hard workout, but i wasn't enough. The next step was a home workout where I got a sweat on... now I'm pumped up it's time to flex.
  • Home Workout

    $27.99 USD
    It's time for another home workout, and this time it's in a pair of black Calvins.
  • Flexing in Jeans

    $29.99 USD
    Sometimes I can't even get my jeans on because of a hard leg day, my muscles just become too large to fit anymore. This time though, I managed. Check out some flexing action in my jeans.
  • Morning Flex

    $24.99 USD
    This morning I just couldn't help myself... I needed to flex before my gym session.
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