• flexing in jeans

    $30.00 USD
    You asked for it and I've delivered! It's time to flex, beginning in jeans and a t-shirt then working down to a lot less.
  • throwback posing

    $25.00 USD
    It's time for a throwback to not too long ago. Looking back I can see how much my physique has improved over these past months and years.
  • oil covered muscle

    $45.00 USD
    Well you guys requested it and I deliver... this time you get to watch me as I oil up all my shredded physique and flex for you.
  • shower and shave

    $45.00 USD
    It's competition time, and that means it's time to shave. Watch me cover my entire chest in shaving cream then shave it until it's totally smooth. It doesn't end there though... then I shower.
  • at the shore

    $30.00 USD
    This is my hottest video so far by the sea. In this video you'll get to see my muscles glistening in the sunset, as I flex in full view of everyone on the beach.
  • seaside flex

    $35.00 USD
    My first video by the sea. Watch me this time as I cover my shredded body in sunscreen, making every detail of my abs easily seen, then flex in the sunshine.
  • sunset flex

    $30.00 USD
    Being on vacation isn't an excuse to stop working on my physique. In this hot new video you'll get to see me flex my ripped body, with every muscle highlighted in the sunset.
  • bicep workout + flex

    $35.00 USD
    My hottest and longest video yet... Watch me for 25 minutes working out my biceps, then once I'm glistening with sweat it's time to flex.
  • home workout + flex

    $35.00 USD
    The one thing I hate about the gym is that they won't let me workout in my undies. This time I'm at home and there are no rules... It's time to get the sweat pumping in only a pair of tight white Cal
  • outdoor strength + flex

    $25.00 USD
    Most bodybuilders are weak... not me. Watch as I show off my brute strength outdoors in a quarry - after the show off it's time to flex.
  • morning abs

    $25.00 USD
    Sometimes I just can't help myself. This morning I woke up, saw myself in the mirror and just had to flex. Lucky you... I decided to record it.
  • gym posing

    $25.00 USD
    After a hard workout there's nothing better than posing in the gym, showing off my gains in front of everyone else... Of course the difference between me and them is my body is superior in every way.
  • flexing in calvins

    $30.00 USD
    I've started to love Calvins and how they feel when they hold everything in place. Have a look at me flexing, this time in another pair of revealing undies.
  • baywatch

    $25.00 USD
    Move over David Hasselhoff, I'm in town now. If this body was on Baywatch I would've broken your screen.
  • abs workout

    $25.00 USD
    Time to workout my abs again. Watch as I work them out to failure over and over, and leave the gym even harder than I entered.
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