• Elements of Fiction Mini-Unit

    $24.99 USD
    A collection of the single day lessons that incorporate the main elements of fiction.
  • Analyzing Speech Rhetoric

    $12.00 USD
    Students focus on the analyzing the purpose, audience and language used to move crowds through famous speeches.
  • Plot Lesson Plan

    $3.99 USD
    Students will make personal connections to plot, then dive into the importance of plot in fiction stories.
  • Characterization Lesson Plan

    $3.99 USD
    A story would be so bland without characterization. Students will focus on the various ways an author indirectly develops a character in a story.
  • Setting Lesson Plan

    $3.99 USD
    To help students understand how setting can impact a story, they will be writing and working collaboratively to come to a collective understanding.
  • Theme Lesson Plan

    $3.99 USD
    Using childrens books, you can help students grasp the deeper understanding of theme.
  • Mood

    $3.99 USD
    Help students understand the emotional response that writers often strive to evoke from readers. Use images to help students understand the concept of mood.
  • Fiction vs. Nonfiction

    $3.99 USD
    Help students distinguish between two of the main genres of writing by learning the characteristics of each one.
  • Point of View Lesson Plan

    $3.99 USD
    Your students will imagine themselves in the point of view of something or someone else to help them understand how a different perspective can change understanding of an event or character in a story
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