Pay Me

Get paid by anyone at anytime. Your own personal payment page that works out-of-the-box with no setup.

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Payment Page

Your own payment page.

If you want someone to pay you, simply share your Pay page with them and they’ll be able to pay you using their credit card. You'll be notified anytime someone pays you, and the person sending the payment will be emailed a receipt.

Fee Free

No Transaction Fees.

That's right! You'll get 15 Pay Me transactions with zero Plasso fees each and every month!
Normal Plasso fees will apply after your 15 free transactions. Merchant fees still apply for every transaction.

No Setup

Zero setup required.

Instantly get your own payment page without having to set anything up. You'll be able to access your Pay Me page immediately after signing up.

Accept Payments

Get paid with just your email address.

Your Pay Me page link is as easy to remember as your email address. Simply write your email address after to access your page.

Automatic emails

Receipts are automatically sent to everyone that pays you.

Export data

All your payment data can be exported with one click.

256-bit SSL security

All transactions and payment forms are secure and encrypted.