The Shoosh Monkey Collection

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Welcome to the Shoosh Monkey store, here is our collection of time-saving automation scripts, apps and add-ons you can integrate with your Google Apps domain and services to take care of your cloud computing technology.

Google My Business menus

Give your customers a better experience rich menu's directly from your business card in search. ***PRE-ORDER ONLY - you will not be charged until delivery, you can cancel anytime***

$29 - $399
Cloud Concierge Support Service

Our cloud concierge service provides continuous support for G Suite, scripts and Software.

Other services (Single Payment)

We do our best to include all the costs in our membership price but there are some of our cloud computing services that require a 1-off payment.

$99 - $649
Better Scheduling for WorkflowMax (SUBSCRIPTION ONLY)

If payment from within Better Scheduling doesn't work then please subscribe here. Once notified our support team will manually change your account to a subscription account.

$29 - $299
Directory Shared Contacts

Easily share external contacts (such as contractors, consultants and vendors) with 1 click to your Google Apps domain staff via the Global Directory.

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