Digital Goods

Sell your digital downloads.

Plasso makes it easy to securely sell your digital goods, including: digital art, music, videos, photography, fonts, eBooks, software, and all other downloadable products.

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Sell your products.

Our products system makes it point-and-click easy to sell your products the way you want.

Digital file delivery.

Sell your digital goods and downloadable content: software, ebooks, videos, music, etc. Plasso takes care of the secure file delivery. Customers will receive self-expiring secure download links immediately after checkout. They'll also be emailed those links along with their receipt.

Fine tune your subscriptions.

Do so much more than just recurring billing. Our subscription system is built to help you make money however you want.

Total control that's totally easy.

Whether you want a pre-built online store or full control over every element on the page, Plasso's different interfaces have you covered. Plasso makes it easy to get paid the way you want.


Want to start accepting payments immediately? Our hosted interface will get you up and running in just a few clicks. It's an entire e-commerce website ready to go out-of-the-box. Start selling your products, services, subscriptions, accept donations and more without having to setup a website.

Already have a website? Our embeddable Cart interface makes it easy to keep customers on your site when buying from you and paying you. All you need to do is drop our script tag into your site and you're done. Customers never have to leave your website!
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Want complete control over checkout experience? With Flexkit you get all the flexibility of an API, without writing any of the code. You write and control all the HTML and CSS code on your own website and Flexkit handles all payment and validation logic.
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Powerful dashboard.

Manage your customers, payments, products, subscriptions and more with ease.


Know your customers.

Anytime a customer makes purchases or you receive a payment you'll be able to manage those payments and customers from within Plasso.

Social and search optimization.

Plasso gives you fine-grain control over your Spaces with built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). Preview and customize how your Space will appear on search engine results and when shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Collect custom data

Add any number of form fields to your sign up form to gather more data from your customers at checkout.

Offer coupons and discounts

Incentivise customers with coupon codes. You'll be able to keep track of each coupon code's usage.

Mobile and desktop design

Everything on Plasso looks beautiful on both desktop and mobile. Designed to make it easy for your customers to sign up.

No coding

Sell your products without writing any code at all. No 3rd party integrations or development required.

Automatic emails

Receipts, shipment notifications, upcoming charges, and more are all automatically sent to your customers.

Customizable emails

You get to decide which emails Plasso sends to your customers. You can even customize the look of those emails.

Analytics and reports

Keep track of product sales and payments at a glance.

Export data

All your sales and payment data can be exported with one click.

256-bit SSL security

All transactions and payment forms are secure and encrypted.