Customer Stories

Discover how Plasso has helped build businesses just like yours.

You've made managing our subscription service TONS simpler and more enjoyable than it was before. It's been a blast to feel like we're actually helping build the platform. Thanks for listening and responding.

Ryan Graves

Plasso has been awesome, and it’s always getting better. It’s taken something complex and tedious and made it painless to manage.

Garrett Dimon

As a small business owner, you want to appear professional but can't afford to waste time developing custom payment solutions. The speed with which you get your ideas in front of customers matters and that's where Plasso shines. You can create beautiful, branded payment spaces and be selling in minutes. And if you run into a bump, their support is personal and attentive because they're run by real people who care. I'm integrating their Billing tool now and excited to grow with Plasso in the future.

Nathaniel Boyle

The style all your products have is just killer. Very well done to you and all of the Plasso team!

Jamie Barton

First of all, @paywithplasso is killing it as an online payments company.

Andy Peninger

As a small investor in you/Plasso, I couldn't be happier with the progress you've made.

Geoff Teehan