Hassle-free recurring billing and customer management. An entire customer billing, management, storage and authentication system ready to be embedded into your website. Instantly create a pay-wall on your website using your own content. You control the customer experience, Plasso takes care of the rest.

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Recurring Billing

Hassle-free recurring billing.

Easily add any number of payment plans at any billing interval for your customers to pick from when they sign up. You can create free or paid plans, set free trials, custom billing dates, and more. All the payments, email receipts, and sign up forms are handled by Plasso. You don't have to code anything.

Customer Management

Know your customers.

With the Plasso dashboard you'll be able to see details of all your customers. You'll be able to manage their accounts yourself, view their payment history, issue refunds, pause billing and more.

Customer Dashboard

Customers can manage their own accounts.

After signing up, your customers will have access to a dashboard where they can update their payment information, email address, password and any other information you collected from them at sign up. They'll also be able to change their payment plan, cancel their account and see their billing history. All this while remaining on your website.

User Authentication

Plasso handles all the complexity.

Because the Log In and Sign Up buttons on your website will be powered by Plasso, all logic to determine if a customer has entered their correct login information is handled by Plasso. When a Sign Up or Log In attempt is successful we pass their information to you and they are automatically granted access to your protected content.

Embeddable billing

Keep your customers on your site. Billing appears as an embedded pop-up inside your webpage.

Drop-in and you're done

Simply copy/paste a code snippet and your entire billing system will be completely ready for customers.

Perfect for SaaS

Focus on building features that bring value to your customers, not writing and managing a billing system.

WordPress plugin

If you're on WordPress there's no need to copy and paste any code. Just install our plugin and you're done!

Collect custom data

Add any number of form fields to your sign up form to gather more data from your customers at sign up.

Automatic emails

Receipts, shipment notifications, upcoming charges, and more are all automatically sent to your members.

Analytics and reports

Keep track of sales and new sign-ups at a glance.

Export data

All your sales and customer data can be exported with one click.

256-bit SSL security

All transactions and payment forms are secure and encrypted.



$0/ mo

No monthly fee


Plasso Fee
+ Merchant Fees

Unlimited Revenue


$9/ mo

Billed annually or
$11 billed monthly


Plasso Fee
+ Merchant Fees

Unlimited Revenue

Plasso Pro


$24/ mo

Billed annually or
$29 billed monthly


Plasso Fee
+ Merchant Fees

Max. Monthly Revenue 2% Plasso fee after Max.


$159/ mo

Billed annually or
$189 billed monthly


Plasso Fee
+ Merchant Fees

Max. Monthly Revenue 2% Plasso fee after Max.


$679/ mo

Billed annually or
$799 billed monthly


Plasso Fee
+ Merchant Fees

Unlimited Revenue

Prices do not include Merchant Fees.

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Post content for your members into their dashboard
Customers stay on your own domain and website
Create custom payment plans
No coding and no web development needed